Text Squishes on Tablet Once Published


I have a case list with over 12 properties. When I test my app on my computer, the text of the case list appears normal and I am able to scroll left and right through the properties. When I publish the app, however, the cast list text becomes squished all on to one page and becomes impossible to read. Is there a way to publish the app so that the text does not become squished on the case list and I am able to scroll left and right?

Hi Seamus,

CommCare’s Case Select screens aren’t designed to scroll in both directions
(vertically and horizontally). Apologies for the incongruity with the web
apps platform for not behaving in a consistent manner.

If you’d like to display a high density of information, we recommend moving
those properties to the case detail screen rather than the case list,
since they will be able to be formatted in a more readable way.