"task processor not detected" errors

Hi all,

You may have noticed getting a “task processor not detected” error when
trying to download exports in the last 24 hours. This is due to a change in
our infrastructure that reduced the amount of resources we have to generate
exports. As a result we are starting to see that when we have a higher than
normal load of people creating exports they get backed up and this error
shows up. If you see this error please note the following:

  1. Please be patient and leave the window open. Your export will still
    eventually complete. It might take a long time to do so, though.
  2. Please do not close and reopen a new export. This will only add to the
    backlog and make everyone’s (including your) exports take longer.
  3. We are looking into alternative solutions, including increasing our
    export-processing power and sending an email when exports are ready so you
    don’t have to leave the window open. We’ll update when there’s a more
    satisfying solution in place.