Taking postgres backup not working


i was in the task of migarting services to new server. and at the end, i tried to configure backup. It works for couchdb, but for postgresql it's not working. The following is the script I run as pointed on the documentation: Backup and Restore — CommCareHQ Deployment documentation

Here is the configuration on public.yml file

backup_postgres: plain
postgresql_backup_dir: /opt/backup/postgresql
postgres_backup_days: 3
postgres_backup_weeks: 2

then i run cchq echis aps --tags=backups

I have seen the same issue posted previously: Local backup for postgres

Hi Demis,

What error/traceback do you get when you run that command, can you please share it here?

Hi Sravan, this command cchq echis aps --tags=backups skips, postgresql backup task.

Now, worked with an additional step. that is PostgreSQL backup requires an entry on inventory file. something like this


But this is not described in the Documentation :