Take a picture or choose images

HI team,
I have a problem with take or upload images in app. When I take any record pic via camera then till 2 pic is working with hang problem after that when I take 3rd image app completely hang and after sometime app is closed without saving entered data and open user name and password screen.
I have add 25 images questions in app so kindly help me about this matter.
I have used Samsung Galaxy tab 4 and tab 2.

Thanks & regards

Hi Naveen,

What resolution are you taking the photographs in?

CommCare has a size limit on attached images that you may be overrunning, and a bug may be preventing us from failing gracefully.

It may help to lower the resolution of the phone’s camera for the images that you are capturing.


Hey Naveen,

I am also curious if these image questions are on the same page (inside a question-list) or user needs to swipe the page right to get to the next image question.

If you are indeed using a question-list you should consider removing it and display the image questions on separate pages so that app can recycle the memory used by the images.