Tableau Integration - repeat group data not populating

Hi Dimagi team, I hope you are all staying well.

I’ve successfully integrated data from one CommCare app to Tableau using the OData integration (amazing!!) but am having trouble with another app which has a Repeat Group.

The OData integration is currently pulling all data from the questions leading up to the Repeat Group, and then none of the subsequent data is pulled in.

I am able to download the data into Excel and then merge the two separate “sheets” within Tableau to combine data this way, however I would love to learn if/how this is possible to do directly in the OData integration?

I did a scan of previous Tableau Integration / Repeat Group posts and couldn’t find anything, but if there is something I missed related to this could you kindly point me in the right direction?

Many thanks for your help,


Hi Stephen,

It sounds as though you’re successfully pulling in the ‘primary’ feed to Tableau, but if you’re missing the repeat data, it sounds as though you’re not accessing any of the ‘additional’ feeds.

On the PowerBi/Tableau Integration page of your project, your feed probably has an additional link stating, ‘Show additional feeds for Repeat Group data.’ If you were to click that, you’d see new feeds generated per repeat group in your form.

You can then connect those feeds to Tableau and should be able to link repeat data to the original form submission. Hopefully that answers your question and allows you to stop the excel sheet workaround.

Perfect. Of course the answer was directly in front of my eyes :man_facepalming:

Thank you so much!