[System Maintainers Notice] Migration in Web Apps from Google Maps GPS Widget to Mapbox

Hi all,

NOTE: This change does NOT affect the maps layer on the Android mobile application.

This is a quick announcement for teams managing CommCareHQ clouds in which users are using the Web Apps or Live Preview layer along with"GPS Coordinates questions. Previously these questions were backed by a Google Maps widget to allow users to enter this data, but moving forward we will be shifting this widget to use the same Mapbox library as other geo-enabled functionality.

Fully provisioned clouds won’t need to make any changes to support this change, but if you haven’t already configured a Mapbox API key in your environment, it will need to be provided in the MAPBOX_ACCESS_TOKEN in your ansible vault. You can make sure this functionality is working by checking with a test Map Report from the report builder.



Could you please confirm in which configuration file this key/value pair should be set?



Hi @guillaume

This key should be added to the vault.yml file which is an encrypted file within your environment. For more information on how to edit this file, you can see here .