Special Announcement: Form Display Conditions and Remote Update Improvements

Hi CommCare Users,

We released two features to CommCareHQ today that we hope you will find

Remote Update Improvements

We’ve made our remote application update more efficient. Instead of
updating every form in the app, CommCare only updates forms that are
different from the forms that are currently on the phone. We anticipate
this will make updating faster from the field.

Form Display Conditions

This is a new feature in our app builder that gives you more control over
which forms appear in your app’s form menus. You can configure forms to
appear only if they apply to the case the user selected. For example, if
you have an application with a Pregnancy module that contains the form
Pre-Partum, you can give the Pre-Partum form a display condition that
ensures it only appears in the form menu based on the value of a pregnancy
case property, e.g. prepartum_status.

Note that this feature is only enabled for forms in modules that meet
certain conditions. For more information on how to use feature, please see
our wiki documentation:

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement!