Some API`s are not working

While Accessing the API returns “error_message”: “Sorry, this request could not be processed. Please try again later.”
Changing to another report Id the endpoint returns the data.

Do you see an error message in the server logs?

Hi @Ethan_Soergel , I just found out whenever I added location filter on report data source, the API stops working. I don`t know if it is commcare bug or intentional.

Removing the Location from the filter works.

“datatype”: “string”,
“choice_provider”: {
“include_descendants”: true,
“type”: “location”,
“show_full_path”: false
“show_all”: true,
“slug”: “health_post”,
“field”: “health_post_id”,
“ancestor_expression”: {},
“type”: “dynamic_choice_list”,
“display”: “Location”

Do you see any error messages in the server logs? You can find the location of the logs file by running

$ cchq production service commcare logs

Are you able to view the data source in the UI?