Show or hide forms depending on visits

Hello i have a project with a specific design that i want to implement.
We have participants with 4 Visits for each one.
For the V1 we have to fill out 3 forms at the same time (Form 1, Form2 and Form3)
For the V2 we have to fill out 2 forms (form 2 and form5)
For the V3 we have to fill out 3 forms (form 2, form3 , form5)
For the the V4 we have to fill out 3 forms (form2 and form4 and form5)
Do you have any guidance to achieve it ?

Hi @Babacar_Gueye, you could define a case property to store the number of visits and use form display conditions to determine which forms to show/hide depending on the value of that counter.

Hi @avazirna
I did this with date scheduled on visits.