Sequential checkbox validation

Hi All,

I have a checkbox question which requires a user to select postnatal visits of a woman.
The options being:

Visit 1
Visit 2
Visit 3
Visit 4

So i want the user to only select visit 2 if visit 1 was selected or to be able to select visit 3 if visit 1 and 2 were selected. In short the visit should be selected sequentially not that you can select visit 4 first without selecting the previous visits.

Any help on that?

Hi @Kelvin_Kapuya
You can setup 4 hidden fields like is_v1, is_v2, is_v3 and is_v4 and set the default value to 0 and save those fields as a case property
Then , when you validate the V1 and maybe its date of V1, you have to test if is_v1 is equal to 1, if TRUE you can put a message to tell that this visite is alreday done.
Now for preventing to choose V4 without previous visits been validated, you just test if is_v1 and is_v2 and is_v3 is equal to 0 and there date is empty
if all is_v........ is equal to 0 and date_v is emty you can hit the V4.
There is also another way to do this with lookup tables .

Hello @Babacar_Gueye
Thank you. let me try that.