Seeking help: configure an update/edit form

Hi all,

I have created an update/ edit form and copied all the questions from the registration form to this new form. In this registration form, I saved the questions as case properties.
My problem is: how do I load the questions into the appropriate question in the Update/Edit form?


In the lower left hand corner of the update/edit form in the form editor you'll see a pane which shows the Case you've loaded.

You can drag and drop those properties into the Default Value section of your questions to load their values in ahead of time.

You can also reference the case you've loaded by typing "#case" which should bring up an autocomplete where you can type or choose case properties.

Hi @Clayton_Sims,

I have loaded the questions into default value section, but when I tried to update a case, it seems nothing has happened. Is there anything else I have to do in the edit form a part from loading questions into default value section?


Got it.

Loading the default value will add the old value into the form, but you'll also still need to update the Case Management config for the form to re-save the new property.

Hi @Clayton_Sims,

I didn't understand this part:

Thanks again

Sorry, I'm referring to the process outlined here on the wiki about saving question values into case properties.