[resolved] Slowness in saving changes on formbuilder - 28 November 2018

(Kishan Sampat) #1

Dear Users,

We are observing that saving changes in the formbuilder is taking a long time for some of our users. We are investigating into the issue and hope to have it resolved soon. We regret the inconvenience caused.


(Kishan Sampat) #2

Dear Users,
We have noticed that some other functionalities like data exports, form submissions and syncs may also be exhibiting degraded performance.We have noticed that some other functionalities may also be exhibiting degraded performance. We’re investigating into the root cause with the highest priority and hope to have this resolved soon.


(Peggy Wanza) #3

Could you also look into the now() function for time?

Doesn’t seem to be working.

(Kishan Sampat) #4

Hi Peggy,

That should not be related to the above problem. Would you be able to report an issue from your project? We’ll be happy to investigate.


(Kishan Sampat) #5

Dear Users,

Our attempt to resolve the problem did not fix the issue, unfortunately. We’re still looking into this with high priority. We apologize for the inconvenience.


(Kishan Sampat) #6

Dear Users,

We have now resolved this problem. CommCare HQ is fully functional. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.


(Peggy Wanza) #7

Hi I reported the issue and no one is responding.

This is a crucial restriction for my questionnaire and am stuck now that it’s not resolved.

Kindly assist.