Report for devices and last time the devices was synced

Is there a report or information on the API where it shows a list of devices that connect and sync with the server? With a possible date of the last time this device connected?
Any info here would be greatly appreciated. Even if its not something thats possible, just so that I know for future.

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at the risk of sounding a little childish, I know this feature probably doesn’t exist as is, but…

“Shut up and take my money”

This is very valuable for me especially because i work in a remote context. it’ll allow me to see which workers are doing what when, and if i have a “complete” picture. it’s a lot easier than trying to reach all of them and finding out if they’ve done their part yet.

I bet this piece of information is stored somewhere on the server side as a request for sync. unless, the request to sync doesn’t come out unless there’s forms to submit"changes were made". which is a minor issue, as it would me that the person doesn’t have anything to update the server with.

on the other hand, it can provide something of a “check-in” feature.

anyways, i’m very interested in this. would buy it if i could.


Hi @Calvin and @Mazz,

Have you seen our Application Status report?

This report gives you user level info [vs device level] on:

  • Last Form Submission
    -Last Sync
  • App Used
  • App Version
  • CommCare version.

Let me know what you think about this report. Thanks.


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here are some more characters

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