Replace app source code with updated app source code?

Hi there,

I am wondering if there is a way to replace the source of an app with the source of another app.
I know it is possible to access your app source code, copy and import it into another project space.
However this creates a whole new app with a different app id, I would like it to replace existing app so that the app id stays the same.

The situation is we have a QA project and a Production project which are two seperate apps. QA we use to test changes etc, then once happy we manually make the change to the Production app.

It would make life much easier if there was someway just to replace the entire app source code on Production with the source code of QA.

I know how to access the readonly version of the source code is there a way to access an editable version?

Any help would be much appreciated, but completely understand if this is not possible.

I would be interested in this functionality too. Running complex applications that keep growing/changing while trying to maintain a clear QA cycle can get pretty challenging if you’re making a lot of changes per release.

currently, my approach is to only make releases that affect data structures at discrete fiscal times and/or at new activity cycles (our guys do work in cycles)