Remove unsent forms from the mobile app before sync?

To anyone that might know if this is possible or not...

What I am wanting to find out is the following scenario:
A user is in the field with no connectivity and they capture a number of forms.
These forms do not get sent up to commcare hq yet because of no connectivity. Is there a way to delete these forms or cases from the mobile app before they get sync'd?

My feeling is that this is not possible, but thought I would ask here in case there is some hidden option that I am not aware of.

Kind Regards,

Hi Calvin - Unfortunately this isn't possible through the UI, currently. For safety the device will only allow you to delete records which have been submitted.

Is there an easy summary of why you're hoping to remove unsent forms? You can technically achieve this through the file browser by removing the folders directly, as well, which may be the most viable option. If you long click a form record in the Saved Forms menu and select "Scan Record Integrity" the app will give you the name of the form blob on disk for confirmation. CommCare will quarantine the resulting records in the DB when it detects that the files are not available for submission, allowing any non-deleted records to submit normally.

Hi there Clayton, thank you so much for this response. I thought it wasnt possible through the app, but just wanted to make sure I wasnt missing something. Thank you for the info about removing it manually using the file system, that is good to know. This was a specific request from a client whom wanted to be able to remove an incorrectly captured case on a device while they were in the field. We have rather given them a solution to remove the case after submission to commcareHQ.