Referrals from supervisors

I am looking to use referrals on CommCare for the following scenario.

We have a case called farmer, and a child case called scout_spray.

Field workers who scout farm lands are called scouters, and field workers who spray farm lands are called Sprayers.

Scouters will register a scout_spray case. A supervisor field worker will refer scout registrations to sprayers as a follow up. Sprayers can only see scout_spray cases that they were only referred from the supervisor.

Please look the flow below:
Scouter: select a farmer case from a list => register a scout survey for scout_spray case => Finish
Supervisor: select scout_spray case from a list => Refer it to Sprayer => Finish
Sprayer: select scout_spray case from a list => Fill a follow up form => Finish.

Most of the things stated here is implemented, but, everyone can see registered scout_spray cases - how is a good way of supervisor referring to sprayer in a way that follows the above scenario.


If I understand correctly, you want the Sprayers to only see the scout_spray cases that they have been attributed to. But you want the supervisors to see all the scout_spray cases from all Scouters.

One question at this point, do you want the Scouters to see the scout_spray cases attributed by the supervisor to the Sprayers ?

Based on your answer, you may use the case management configuration in CommCare HQ associated to either the organisation configuration or the groups functions to distribute the scout_spray cases among the users.

  1. create a hierarchy / groups were Supervisors can share cases from Scouters and Sprayers
  2. use a lookup table to select the scouter use the hierarchy as choices
  3. use the owner_id property to attribute the scout_spray case to the user of your choice.

Some documentation to do so :



Thank you Michel!

For your question, no I dont want the scouters to see the attributed cases by the supervisor.

I am trying to use case group sharing. The problem is: since the supervisor is both in the scouters, and sprayers group where case sharing is on for both cases - I am getting “Unrecoverable Error: The case sharing settings for your user are incorrect. This user must be in exactly one case sharing group” when the supervisor tries to create a new scout case (yes, there are times where supervisors need to create new scouts.).

Do you know, how I can get a work around for this?