Referencing case properties for imported cases


I want to create a form that references case properties from cases created using the Excel case importer. I have successfully followed the three steps outlined in the CommCare help for importing and creating new cases (3. Mapping Case Properties and Completing the Import - CommCare Public - Dimagi Confluence).

However, I don't see where I can access the newly created case properties that have been imported. How do I reference new case properties, to use in form logic?


Hi Carina,

You can access case properties in forms through the case management window. Here's the documentation on the case management window.

Take a look at the Advanced Case Management Tutorial section.

Good luck and happy case managing!



I realise the step I had missed - I had not created blank calculate fields for all the case properties I wanted to upload by excel. Once I did that, I could access them - before that, the imported case properties were not visible.