Recent Changes to Form Management in CommCare ODK

Hi All,

Sometime in the last couple of weeks, HQ changed a default setting for
CommCare ODK applications which enabled some form management features which
had up to that point been disabled.

After some confusion it occurred to us on the mobile team that since the
features had been disabled for so long, they haven’t received the same
attention to documentation as they really should have. Furthermore, when
they were re-activated on HQ, that was something that should have been much
more clearly broadcast to you all. Apologies for the delay in doing so.

The big change is that by default, CommCare ODK apps now archive fully sent
and processed forms onto the device so they can be reviewed in full at a
later date. You can view the sent forms by clicking on the “Saved” button
on CommCare ODK’s homescreen. There haven’t been any changes to how
processing or submitting forms works, if a form is in the “saved” menu it
means it has already been successfully sent to the server.

You can read more about these features on the CommCare Wiki

-CommCare Mobile Team