Re-assigning Case Type

Hi CommCare users,

I am trying to re-assign some project users case type after an error with some integration work.

Some of our user cases were incorrectly assigned to another case type by an error from an external integration. I have tried to re-assign them to the correct case type using the case export and import functionality, adding new case property “type” to the excel sheet prior to importing again, however the imports keep failing to run.

Has anyone had any similar issues in the past? Any recommendations would be much appreciated.



I don’t think you can change the type of an existing case in CommCare. Another way to approach this would be to do the case export as you have done, but then import them as new cases of the correct case type. After that’s done, you can close the old, incorrect cases.

Thanks for the advice Ethan. I thought that might be the case.