Questions are not appearing

some of the questions in the form are not appearing in the mobile app, I checked all the options and the properties but I can’t find what is wrong,
can anyone advise, please?
thanks in advance

Usually if questions aren’t appearing it could be because the version of the app is different or because of display conditions in the form which are hiding the questions.

You can check the app version on the home screen and also check if there are display conditions on the questions that are not showing up.

You can also use ‘live’ preview to test the form prior to deploying to a phone.


Echoing Simon’s second suggestion: The “Live Preview” pane that you see during app development displays the latest version of your app, but the version deployed to mobile phones is by default only the “Released” versions that you’ve tagged in the release manager pane, so your mobile deployed version may not match up to what you see on the server. For app development you may find it helpful to enable this mobile feature on your individual device so you receive the same version of your app as the Live Preview.

Quick note that this forum channel is for software developers integrating with the CommCare frameworks, so you may get more helpful feedback over in the Users Channel of this forum.



thanks guys, the questions are there but blank, i can see there’s a question but with no words and the choices are there but only boxes without the corresponding words, this’s so strange as other questions in the same form appears normally, i can send you a screenshot if that makes it clearer for you,
i have updated the version in the mobile app
another note: i am using English and Arabic languages and i want the questions to appear in Arabic

Hi Aysha,

Are you testing the app in English or in Arabic? You can select which language to use on the phone by clicking the three dots in the top right, then “change language”. When editing these questions in the form builder, you should see something like "

Do some questions appear properly in Arabic, or do only English questions work? I wonder if there’s an issue with the phone rendering Arabic characters.

hi Ethan, some of the questions are showing in Arabic, they are all written in both languages, i don’t think it’s a phone issue, something is wrong with my form and i couldn’t figure out what is it

I am sorry I didn't notice the developers and users options, I'll use it the next time :slight_smile:
meanwhile, is there a solution for the blank questions? i hope so
here's a photo to help

I wonder if there is something unexpected going on with the text formatting specifically, like unicode “Control Characters” which aren’t relevant in the CSS context of the input box, but are resulting in a different outcome in the live preview pane (or on mobile).

Can you copy and paste into a response everything (IE: CTRL-A inside the text box) inside the inputs for the three strings you see in the form builder that are in your second example (the one with two blanks and one correctly displayed string)?