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Hey Gerry,

I’m forwarding your questions to our commcare-users google group since I
think the answers will benefit everyone, and others can correct anything
I’ve gotten wrong.

··· On Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 2:19 PM, Gerry Douglas wrote: > > > Here is the list of questions that Neha and I have had so far: > > * > > 1) Is it possible to sync incomplete data? H > > ow could we have more than 1 user entering data for the same patient on > the same visit? > > > > ** > > I think the scenario here is that some of the data elements in a form may > relate to collecting vital signs for example that may be done by a nurse > and other questions may be clinical that may be completed by a doctor. I > think they are asking, if the nurse enters 3 questions and saves the form > as incomplete, can the doctor then open the form and complete the remaining > questions and save (assuming case sharing is turned on of course)? > * >

This wouldn’t work below the granularity of a form, but you can use case
sharing to achieve something similar, either by having a “nurse form” and a
"doctor form" (if they fill out the same distinct sections of the record
each time) or by having them fill in the same form and making sure to save
and load everything to the case so that you don’t ask the same questions
both times (you could do this with skip/display logic).

  1. Are there ways we can utilize phone numbers to text patients?


Cory - Is there any support in CommCare for sending SMS messages, either
by syncing and sending through an SMS gateway linked to CommCare HQ, or
directly through the phone?

Yes, this is supported, though SMS rates and coverage varies by country,
and I’m not immediately sure whether we support Rwanda or not. You can
start with our reminders documentation to learn about what SMS workflows
are supported:

  1. How to do validation for past patient information–setting validation
    for questions above/equal to the value from the last visit. For example,
    the patient height was 150 cm last visit, so height must be 150 or above
    for the current visit.

Should be simple to save the data to the case and then load it back into
the form and make it part of a constraint/validation condition. There’s an
example of loading data in the tutorial (though there might be a better
example somewhere else I don’t know about).

Cory - I think there example is self-explanatory. Can you reference any
values from the previous visit when building a validation expression? I
could not see how to do that.

This is what we have come up with so far, issues that are not essential
but would help the program be more useful.


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