Question Regarding Cast List Filters: Cases Not Showing Up During Future Date

I created an application, 400 HH_6MoTesting,where in the Household Survey, I created a hidden value, month6_hh, which is the sum of survey_date (a date value with today's date) +1 (1 day). See the two photos below, one of the survey_date variable (first photo), and one of the hidden value (second photo):

In the Household Survey case list settings, I have the following filter: hh_closecheck2!='1' or month6_hh<=today(). The first condition just ensures that cases do not appear if the response to hh_closecheck2 is "1" unless month6_hh is before or equal to today's date. See the photo below:

For some reason, my household surveys with the survey date "2022-10-03" do not reappear on the case list today. Is there a particular reason why? Does the syntax for the logic in my case list not work?

Any input regarding this would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading!


Your logic and syntax seem fine. I've tested it myself and it worked as expected. I'd recommend doing some testing to confirm your case properties are being set correctly by using the case list functionality to view the case and testing other scenarios to see if those work to help in isolating the issue.