Question Display Condition Using Lookup Table Response

Hi! I'm new to Commcare and would appreciate your help. I have a question that uses Lookup table data. The question that follows this question is supposed to display only based on the choice that is made on the question that uses the Lookup table. For example, based on the district selected (using a Lookup table), the display condition for the suceeding question on health depends on the chosen district.

How do I set the display condition for the suceeding question (the health question in the example)?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Kristian,

It depends a bit on what information you want to retrieve from the lookup table.

You can read about querying your lookup tables for in-form logic in this example which walks through a sample form referencing into a query table based on a field entered by the user.

Let me know if you have any other questions after reading through.