Question about country SMS coverage (two way messaging)


We are looking for a platform that is able to receive and process data travelling in SMSes in countries where the mobile internet coverage is not very well developed. We were seeing that CommCare is able to send and receive SMS (mentioned as "two way messaging") but we don't know if it would work in the countries we would like to implement this in. So I am looking for a country list where local phone numbers are available for two way messaging.

To give you a concrete example:

  • if we implement our product in Mali our users in Mali would send local SMS (with country code +223) to a local phone number (with country code +223, i.e. no international SMS) because we would like to minimise costs on their behalf

Thanks in advance!


You can read about the SaaS platform messaging options in this help page.

If you need local numbers in a large number of different countries, our experience is that the most practical option is the Telerivet Gateway App system which allows you to deploy your own gateways with local SIM's. We aren't aware of international aggregators with broad coverage of local-number symmetric two way messaging.

Thank you very much for the reply, it was useful!