Problems with the update form

I have a module with two forms: registration form and update form. In the update form when I click on the patient’s name, all the fields are empty. They do not show any data registered in the previous form so that I can update it. I think this has to do with configuration.
Any help is welcome

Hi @davuyambantu,

I the form settings, you need to make certain questions as Case Properties. Only Case Properties become a part of the case, which is stored locally on the mobile device.

I strongly recommend reading this tutorial on our Case Management capabilities.


Thank you @Dev. I will follow the tutorial.

Hi @Dev.

In the update form, in Module I, I have saved all the questions I want to update as case properties. I have updated the patient’s name and contact, but the changes still do not reflect in the case list in Module II. Both Module I and Module have the same case type - “Patient”.