Problem to create a shortcut file

Hi, Shyam,

Answering your question about setting up shortcuts to navigation keys for
CommCare Feature phones here on CommCare-users so everyone can benefit.
There are instructions for setting up a right navigation key shortcut here,
towards the bottom of the page:

In particular, it is important to follow the exact 20 step installation
process to ensure that the shortcut will “stick”-
The key step is to turn the phone off and then back on at the right point
during installation.

If you don’t see CommCare in your application list when trying to install,
make sure that you have copied the application to the phone’s local memory,
as described on the help site.

Hope this helps!


Question: when we go to my shortcut to right navigation key, there is not
showing CommCare software.
Please tell me what to do?