Problem closing cases via Excel import

I tried to close cases via the Excel import tool, following these instructions (Closing Cases - CommCare Public - Dimagi Confluence). However, it seems that this only added a case property called ‘Close’ rather than actually closing cases.

What did I do wrong? I would prefer not to have to close these 220 cases individually.


Hi Sara,

Did you see this prompt when you did the import? Did you leave the box (create a new property intended...) checked on the right or not?

Hmm, no, it asked something like this: Did you mean close, FOSA? (ie it referenced another property)

Strange, were you maybe in insert/update mode instead of just update mode? insert/update mode is triggered when you have the "Create new records if...." checkbox checked

Nope, I didn't tick that box b/c i knew i didn't want to create new records. But, I think I just realized what I did wrong - I used 'Close' rather than 'close'. I am now seeing that text that says it will close the cases. Thank you for your help!