Preloading data from prior form or display only if not answered yet

Hi there, I have a follow up form where after I register a pregnant woman, the followup visit form will ask about ANC visits. If we keep using the same form upon additional followup visits, I don’t want to have to re-enter info about ANC visit 1 if we are checking in after visit 2. Is there anyway to either pre-load the data previously entered, or alternatively, only display questions about ANC visit 2 if ANC visit 1 was “yes” she has been. See screenshot.

Hi Amanda,

In order to have the ability to pre-load answers from. previous visits, you will have to save the corresponding questions as Case Properties. Once that is done, you could create Display Conditions based on the loaded values.

Does this help?

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Yes I think that makes sense. Is there anyway to have checkboxes pre-checked based on prior answers?

Yeah. Make sure the prior answer is saved to the case [ using case properties]. After that, for the the question you want pre-check specify the Case Property as the Default Value.

Hi Amanda,

If the value of a previous checkbox question is stored in a case property, you can preload the saved case property as a “Default Value” into the new form and any matching choices will be pre-selected by default.


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Awesome thanks! seems so obvious now!