Possibility Editing an unfinished form

I want to ask a quick question. I want to know if a form that is been entered on a mobile device can be saved, and later when the mobile worker is ready to complete the form returns to that same form, completes it and send it to the serve. This is necessary because there are some peculiarities that are faced in the field while administering tools to respondents. One example is that as some emergency might require some respondents to request that the mobile worker or enumerator, as we call them here, returned later because s/he had to attend to such emergency or even something else.

So is it possible to have that feature or does it exist already?

Thank You


The form is available on the device. It is saved in the list called Incomplete. This feature has to be enbaled in the Application setting.

Under Android Setting, you will find two options. 1. Saved Forms, 2. Incomplete Forms. Enable these options

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Hi John,

You could use incomplete forms already available in CommCare. This will allow a user to start a form and complete it at a later stage. You can enable this in the app settings >> advanced settings >> incomplete forms


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