PagedList of Cases to Improve Case Load Time

Hello everyone!
How can I implement a Paged List of cases in CommCare? The App has villages as parent cases and households as child cases. Village sizes(in terms of households) can vary and can go as far up as 300, and as more villages and households get registered the case load time is exponentially becoming huge for each given front-line worker. The App slows down and affects its usability.

How can I lazy load the cases(especially households), as pages, so that users can only load the rest of the households only when they need to?

Thanks and kind regards,

Hi Chaiwa,

Unfortunately since the app applies the filtering and sorting transforms at the same level, there’s not a big advantage to be gained from pagination of the lists.

I’m surprised to hear that you are seeing issues with performance on case lists as small as 300 items, however, as that is well under where I’d expect to start seeing slowdowns.

Are you performing the selection in a tiered manner? IE: Selecting a village, then showing the filtered list of households inside of that village for selection afterwards?

If so, are you applying any other filtering operations on top of that one?