Opening child cases in a repeat group


I have two modules:

Module I: I have a registration form for a registering a tb patient and their contacts in a repeat group.

Module II. I have a follow up form for contacts registered in a repeat group in the registration form.

My problem is that when I click on the follow up form, I see the tb patients’ names, but I want to follow up with the contacts.

I have configured the case type as patient in both modules. How can I configure the "name" property from the repeat group for the contacts to appear in the follow up form? Because I want to see the contacts’ names.

I have read the page about opening child cases in a repeat group and some explanations in the forum but I still haven’t succeeded in making things work.

I need help about child case and modules configuration in this situation. I think Iam not configuring the case management in the right way.

Thanks in advance

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It sounds like you want to make the second module based on the ‘contact’ case type, and in the case select screen for that module configure the module to select parent case first to filter the contacts.


Thank you for your help, Clayton. it now works well.

Hi Sim,
Thank you for the Clarity as regards to Repeat Groups,
Though I have followed the steps based on the link you provided, but one challenge am facing is that that in my Follow up form I still see the name of the Mothers, yet I also see the name of the Child in repeat Group. I only want to view name of the child in order to follow-up with Immunisation Status

Hi Ivan,

In that case if you deselect “select parent case first” you will only see the childre

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Thank you this worked Perfectly, Sims