Only Display Completed forms

Hi there,

We would like to find a way to no longer display the forms that have been completed, as in our particular workflow we only want our forms to be completed once. Similarly, we only want out ammendement forms to appear when their corresponding forms have been completed. Having looked at the available Commcare documentation, it seems like this is possible by using hidden form calculations?,ormakeformsappearinsequence?

Could somebody please advise how to set up a calculated condition to show completed forms?

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Hi Chloe,

If the logic for making a form disappear once filled out is

./literacy_form_complete != ‘complete’

then you can make your amendment forms appear only after the original form has been completed using the reverse:

./literacy_form_complete = ‘complete’

(This display condition would go on the “literacy amendment form” in this example)

  • Ethan

Hi Ethan,

Thanks for your reply. This is helpful, but could you shed some light on how to create the form_complete function? Do I need hidden value calculations?

Many thanks

Hi Chloe,

Do these forms modify a case? That is a prerequisite to getting this workflow functioning. If they don’t already, you could probably get it working with user cases.

As you suggested, you can add a hidden value where the calculation is just the string “complete”. Then you should save this to the case which governs the module, after which it should be available for form display conditions.

  • Ethan