New Reports and Data Features

Dear Users,

In the last few weeks we’ve added a number of reports that we’d like you
all to know about.

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Raw Forms, Errors & Duplicates*: Lets you view all of the submissions to
your domain, even if those submissions weren’t successfully processed, were
duplicates, or were forms we hide from the submission log (like user
registrations and device reports). If something funny is going on with
submissions, or you want to inspect data at a more fine grained level, this
is one place to look for clues.

**Errors & Warnings Summary: Use this report to determine who is having
trouble submitting or processing data with CommCare. It gives an overview
of the total number of errors, warnings, and forms submitted per user over
a selected timeframe. Clicking on the username gives you a detailed report
of all the errors and warnings. If you then click on each error or warning
label, you can view a report displaying the previous 100 device logs
leading up to that error or warning. This should hopefully serve as a very
useful troubleshooting tool.

Device Log Report: Now you can easily view all the device logs, by type
and by logged in username, submitted over a selected period of time. Like
the Errors & Warnings Summary, this report serves as a more general
troubleshooting tool when errors and warnings are not the only logs you are
looking for.
Revamped Active Case Report: We’ve had this one for a while, but people
found the old version confusing, so we’ve changed the format a bit to be
more helpful. This report gives you an idea of how well your CHWs are doing
individually at following up with their cases, and lets you see when a
particular CHW has cases she/he hasn’t visited in a long time.
In addition to reports, we now have a new section called Manage Data that
gives you ways to make appropriate changes to the data online. In order to
see this section, you must have the permission to “Edit Data”. Please
welcome our first member of this group, Reassign Cases.

Reassign Cases: You can now reassign open cases to a new owner. This is
useful for when a particular CHW is no longer around and his or her cases
need to be followed up by either a new or existing CHW. This report is
filtered by the last modified date of each case, mobile workers, and groups.

The CommCare HQ Team

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