New Report Features: Worker Activity Report and other updates

Hi Users,

We are happy to introduce a new worker monitoring report, as well as some
key updates updates to our report filters.

New Worker Activity Report

··· * *This new worker monitoring report provides a summary of each worker's form and case activity at a glance. We hope it will help you quickly evaluate mobile worker performance.

The Worker Activity Report also summarizes information by each reporting
group (
For example, if you have reporting groups setup for each region of your
program, you’ll be able to view a row in the report for each region showing
form submissions, active users and numbers of cases created, modified,
inactive, etc.

More documentation on this feature is available here:

*Updated Submit History Report *
*We’ve heard your feedback and made some much needed changes to the submit
history report. This report shows all the forms that have been submitted by
your users.

The new submit history report lets you choose a date range, which forms to
view, and choose one of more users and reporting groups to display data
for. This helps you to quickly find the form that you’re looking for.

Updated Form Filter
*Many of reports on CommCareHQ let you filter by a specific form, module or
application. We’ve made some small changes to this filter to hide some of
the more advanced functionality.

If you need to view unknown forms or modules or include fuzzy submissions,
click on the “Show Advanced Options” checkbox. This option will not be
shown if not applicable for your project.

Default Date Range for Reports
*We’ve modified the default date range for our reports - instead of the
last 7 days including today, we’ve changed this to be the last 7 days
ending yesterday. This ensures that the report timespan is always 7 days
by default, instead of dependent on the time of day you run the report. If
you want, you can still change the date range to include today. Please note
that this change may take a few days to appear in your project space.

Amelia and the CommCareHQ Team