New monolith deployment - no users found in commcare?

I’ve just completed what appeared to be a successful deployment in a monolith environment, however, after a reboot I’m getting the following error from
commcare-cloud monolith django-manage check_services

FAILURE (Took 0.04s) postgres : default:commcarehq:OK p1:commcarehq_p1:OK p2:commcarehq_p2:OK proxy:commcarehq_proxy:OK synclogs:commcarehq_synclogs:OK ucr:commcarehq_ucr:OK No users found in postgres

Switching to the postgres user and doing a \du in psql produces the following:

 Role name  |                         Attributes                         | Member of
 devro      |                                                            | {}
 pgcommcare | Create DB                                                  | {}
 postgres   | Superuser, Create role, Create DB, Replication, Bypass RLS | {}
 repluser   | Replication                                                | {}

Any idea what could be causing that or where I should start looking?

The users it refers to are in the Django user’s table, not postgres users. Here’s where that query is performed.

These service checks typically operate by attempting to perform a simple operation which relies on the service, testing the application’s interface with the service as well as service uptime. In this case, it does a simple FIRST query on a table that we expect to always have at least some data in it.

I believe that should succeed after following the next instruction in the monolith install walkthrough:

$ commcare-cloud monolith django-manage make_superuser {email}

Indeed - thanks Ethan... :sweat_smile:
I did omit that - thanks for the quick response!