New Features: Form Builder Improvements

Dear Users,

We’re excited to announce a few recent improvements to the CommCare Form

Line breaks and Expandable Text Boxes

For all questions types, the question label now supports line breaks. Hit
“enter” to insert a line break. You can expand the question label text box
to view more text.

“OK, Please Continue” now optional for Android Labels

This new feature only applies to CommCare on Android devices. We heard that
many of you would like to remove the confirmation checkbox that appears
underneath Label questions on the phone, along with the message “OK, please
continue”. Now when you add a Label question to your form, the confirmation
checkbox and message will not be included.

You can choose to enable the confirmation checkbox by checking “Add
confirmation checkbox” in the form builder. Please note that this will not
affect any existing Labels in your form. Existing Labels will still have
the confirmation checkbox unless you choose to disable it. See the example

[image: Inline image 1]

Look out for more Form Builder improvements in the coming weeks!

Amelia and the CommCare Team