New Feature: Exports Improvements

Dear Users,

In addition to the release of 2.10 yesterday, today we are pleased to
announce a few improvements to data exports.

Below is a summary of improvements. For more information about exports, see
our help site:

All exports:

  • Automatically remove duplicate form submissions
  • Include data submitted by archived users

New custom exports (current custom exports will still work as expected):

  • Include username of mobile worker
  • Select by default the most relevant data
  • Hide rarely used, advanced data fields
  • Hide data from questions or forms that have been deleted from the most
    recent version of your application.
  • Metadata (advanced information collected automatically) is now named
    more intuitively (e.g. case_id instead of _id).
  • Metadata is now tagged as “info” instead of “meta”

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Amelia and the CommCare Team