Need help on modules and forms

I have to register patients according to the type of case.

Module I: Registrattion

Multselect question: select type of cases

  • support visit
  • adhesion reinforcement visit
  • Reintegration Visit

If the answer is any the type of case above, I register the patient’s full name, age, patient identification number, etc.

Module II: follow up

  • Here the chw has to visit patients of the case type support visit 7 times ; 2 times to patients of case type adhesion reinforcement visit and 3 times to patients of case type Reintegration Visit.

My question is: Do I have to build three different forms in the follow module according to each type of case. If not, how can I distinguish patients before filling in a form in this module?

The questions for follow up of case type support visit and adhesion reinforcement visit are the same, but case type Reintegration Visit has different questions.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance


I believe you would be able to build this interaction in multiple different ways.

If you wanted to be able to use the same module, but filter each of these different visits, you could use the same case type and module (saving the ‘visit type’ as a property on the case), and either filter using Form Display conditions, or filter within the form based on that property.

It could be helpful to have groups at the top level of the follow up form with display conditions based on the visit type, which would allow you to separate out the questions which are asked without needing two different forms.


Thank you,Clayton, for your help.