My submit do not show up in Reports

When posting the XML file to “Reports” it does show up in submit history but i cant find it in a custom report for example. Im not able to use the data in a bar chart.

in submit history it says this:


Please help!

My XML file looks like this:

and here is my curl request:

Please help ! :frowning:

Hi Haithem

One thing I notice is that there are multiple forms with the same instanceID. When posting to the API you must make sure each forms has a unique instanceID.

In terms of the forms not showing up in a custom report, can you give more specifics about the report you are making? Is it that the form isn’t showing up as an option for the data source or that once you’ve created the report the data doesn’t appear?


Hi Simon,
Yes i have generated a new instance id for every post.. and its still the same problem.
Its once i created the report that the data dosen't appear.. but only when i post with curl. It works fine from the app.

As you can se in the picute above its only the data that i posted with my mobile app that appears in my report and it works fine. But when i take the same xml and post it in curl it says: "Unrecognized data".

If i click on view form AI uScope.. to see the RAW xml:

But if i click on this one to see the RAW xml:

It looks like this:

and here it says:

But looks like this when i post from the app:

And in my custom report it only shows this..which is posted from the app..
it seems like it dosent find my "broken" posts and the result is that i cant find them when making a custom report

I hope this will help you understand my problem. :slight_smile:
Thanks @Simon_Kelly


I think the issue is that you are posting the data to the generic submission URL instead of the URL for the application. If you want to associate form data with a specific app you need to use the app specific submission URL.

I have updated the API documentation with information on how to do this:


Thank you! It works! :smile: @Simon_Kelly