Multiple Developers

Hi everyone,
Is it possible for multiple developers (2 or 3) working under one project space, to develop the same app simultaneously?

Hi Justin

It is entirely possible to have mutliple people working on the same app however it does require more coordination and planning to ensure the aren’t stepping on each other’s toes. In particular it is not possible to have multiple users working on the same part of the app at the same time so it’s best to divide up the work by different forms / modules.

I would also recommend that there be some design activities that are done beforehand to standardise variable naming (form and case property names). It can be very easy to end up with multiple case properties that are intended to be the same thing but are named differently e.g. dob, date_of_birth, birth_date etc.

Last thought is that the old saying applies: “Too many cooks spoil the broth”. While it’s certainly possible to have multiple people working at the same time there is a limit to how much that will increase productivity and where quality may start to decrease.

Hi Simon
Thanks for your quick response.
We are building a big commcare app with a lot of question separated in different groups.
Every time we save… it over rights the changes another person has made.

That’s correct, if the changes are all in the same form then they would get overridden.

Although I would caution this route you could look at building the basic form structure in Microsoft Excel:

I would recommend you test this workflow prior to using it.

Thanks Simon, how try that method