Monitoring or getting alerts from

Hello CommCare team,

Hello from Massachusetts, I'm new to the community. At our organization we are interesting in receiving e-mail alerts from the motech logs. Mostly the alerts informing us about the statuses 200, 500 and None. I"m wondering if this is configurable within CommCare? If it isn't, are there other alternatives we could use to achieve this?

Thank you
James Mbabazi

Hi @jmbabazi

Thanks for your question!

When you set up data forwarding, CommCare HQ will ask for email addresses to send notifications to (Project Settings > Connection Settings). The email addresses listed for a particular connection will receive email alerts for any non-2xx response (i.e. 4xx, 5xx and None).

For success (2xx) responses, you can filter Remote API Logs by status "2xx". That will list 200s, 201s, etc. You can then click "Export" to download all such responses, within the date range you specify, as a CSV file. If I remember correctly, the CSV will include the complete response body as a JSON document.

I hope that helps,


Thank you Norman. I will try this!