Modification of the app

Hello Everyone,

We want to modify an already running application to add more forms and modules. Please help on how to go about making the following changes and modifications on the App!

  1. a. Adding field to form – adding a Description text field to Disability Services

    b. Separating address into multiple fields – instead of one Address field, separate into Street, City/town, Country, Zipcode

    c. Changing field label from ‘Fax’ ‘Secondary phone number’

  2.    Change default to English instead of Portuguese when first installing the App
  3. a. Hyperlinking websites and emails on the App

    b. Modifying search feature on Disability Services so that when country is entered into open search, country is searched in entire record and not just the Title

After implementing all the necessary changes, if you’re using xlsForm format, you can achieve this by increasing the version number to a number greater than the previous version number. Every other settings should remain the same. Then you can upload and deploy your application and ask your enumerators to download the latest version. It won’t affect their previous jobs.