Mobile users who will be working on multiple CommCare projects

Sorry if this is an overly simple question:

I am setting up a new application for a couple sites in Kenya. For one of these sites, users already use CommCare for an existing project at my organization. If I understand the CommCare documentation correctly, users may only be assigned to one project. SO, I just want to check, before I implement and incur the frustration of our sites, that our ‘returning’ users will need to create a new username for our project, and log in with two different usernames depending on which project they are accessing. Is this correct?

Thank you.


If the two applications are in the same Project Space, users will be able to re-use their existing usernames, and data will say in sync between the two different apps.

If the apps are in two different Project Spaces, then the users will require new accounts, yes. There’s currently no way for mobile logins to exist in multiple project spaces.