Mobile Login Not Working

My team and I are having trouble getting our mobile users access to our app. We have the free version. Neither the Web App or SMS options show up for us when we publish our app, and we are unable to find the settings to toggle Web App on. Please help! TIA

Hi Kara,

You mentioned Web Apps and “Mobile users” in the same description, can you elaborate whether you are having issues with the Android Client logins, or whether you are trying to use Web Apps, or both?

Web apps on Dimagi’s hosted SaaS cloud are a paid feature which is only available on some plans.

Thank you for this! Hearing that web apps is a paid service is good to know. I am still having trouble with the mobile user android client logins.

Hi Kara,

Can I ask if you are using an Android 4.4 device or below?

We recently had to make a chance to a security configuration on our back end that introduced issues with older devices logging into our production server.

There’s a point release (2.48.7) available on the Play Store which makes a secure channel available for those phones.

It sounds bit, though, like your issue is in the installation layer, not the login layer?

Are you following the approach described here?