Missing cases issue


Trust this finds you well.

When I go to Data-> Find Data by ID and enter a Case ID, I get the response Case found!

However, when I click on the view link, I get the message Sorry, we couldn't find that case. If you think this is a mistake please report an issue.

Please advise on what could be the cause of this.



This usually happens if Elasticsearch is out of date with latest case changes on your environment.

Is this an issue that is happening on your local CommCareHQ instance or Dimagi's www.commcarehq.org?

If this is happening on your instance, you need to make sure that the Pillowtop service is fully caught up using the pillowtop section in https://YOUR_HQ/hq/admin/system/. If that is not caught up or stuck, you need to troubleshoot pillowtop service to make it run correctly. Please see relevant documentation at Firefighting Guide — CommCareHQ Deployment documentation