Lookup Tables not creating the indexes I specify

To anyone whom may be able to help.

For some reason when I upload my lookup tables the indexes that I have added to fields seem to dissappear when I try download those same lookup tables after I have uploaded them.
Can anyone explain why this might be?

So in the picture below the fields marked in yellow are indexed before upload:

Then when downloading the same lookup tables that I uploaded to Commcare HQ my indexes seem to have disappeared. See pic below:

Unfortunately I cannot attach the excel lookup table files here that I used, the forum doesnt allow it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


Hi Calvin

I was not able to reproduce this. If the issue persists please create a support request with the upload files.


Thanks for your response @Simon_Kelly, my apologies for the late response on my side. We are still having this issue it seems. I have created a support request and included the lookup tables excel doc with it, see pic below.