Lookup tables: combining questions that have the same answers

Hi all
I have a form with a field to report symptoms presented by patient during an admission of a Ebola patient. Data entry must absolutely tick a value (either 1 or 0 or NC)
How to achieve this feature on the capture with LOOKUP TABLES(please see screenshot attached)
Thank you


Do you know the number of systems before hand? I would have a question to capture the number of systems and then use Repeat Group to capture the details. Remember, they are separate questions.


The number of symptoms is 33. Thanks

Wil u have responses for all? If No, then introduce a quantitative question to capture the number with responses and then use the Repeat Group question.

This is how I would have done it. There could me a better way so let us see what others will say.


You may also find these Advanced Formatting Options for Android helpful in realizing the UX you are attempting to build, although your image makes it look like you might be looking for checkbox v. “single select” choices, which I’m not sure are supported.


Thank you Clayton et Yaw
I treid to reporoduce the link Clayton but using to lookup tables :

  • the first one for 1,0,NC value and put label to the appearence attribute
  • the second one for the symptomes leave blank the appereance attribute
    but i have this behavior (see screenshot)
    NB : Present is for 1 value - No present is for 0 value - NC is for nc value
    if this solution does not work i will move foward with Yaw’s solution
    Thank you