Lookup table error from repeat group for child cases

Hello Everyone,

I need some urgent help please. I am trying to implement an application that allows farmers to be registered as a cluster and be able to see both cluster information within the mobile app i:e. how many farmers per cluster and also be able to see individual farmers and their cluster id.

Presently i have created two case lists as shown below:

The first case list “New Clusters Reg” is a form to register clusters by opening child cases within the second case list “Clustered Farmers”.

Ideally, the case list and case detail on “New Clusters Reg”, should be a list of clusters that have been registered and how many farmers are within each cluster while the case list and case detail on “Clustered Farmers” should be the individual farmers and their cluster id.

I need to place some lookup table questions for state,lga and community within the “New Clusters Reg” case list but i keep getting the error shown below:


This occurs on my second attempt at entering the details of the second farmer.

There isn’t quite enough detail here to identify quite what’s going on. Can you share the Case Settings configuration, and how you are creating the child cases?


Hi Clayton,

Thanks for the speedy response. This is the case sharing settings from the “New Cluster Reg” case list and i am also seeing errors here

And this is the Cluster Reg form

Hi Jay

It looks like you need to have a parent case type called “cluster” and a child case type called “farmer”.

you can have multiple farmers per cluster.

i would also separate the two forms for registering clusters and farmers as it would minimize the chance for unwanted clusters.

once you set that up, you can refer to this article for what you’re after

Hi Mazz,

Thanks for the response. I already do have this set up as a parent and child case where multiple farmers can belong in a cluster but for some reason i am still getting the same error.

Hi Jay

Ok, so that’s great.

i think the error you’re showing here is actually related to something else.

you’re using a repeat to create child cases. it is probably confusing the child case configuration when you’re using clusterID as a name for the child case.
cluster ID is outside the repeat that you’re using for the child case properties. so, i imagine it’s confusing the heck out of commcare as it only finds 1 clusterID for potentially multiple repeats.


this link describes how the name of the child case when using repeats for child cases needs to come from inside the repeat itself.

so for your current set up, i would use the input field clusterID as a name for the parent case, and the question “farmer_name” as the name for the child case.

this should resolve your error.


Hi Mazz,

hanks so much, this actually resolved the error. I had also placed my Cluster ID within the child case as a property.

Thanks so much for the help