Location case sharing and Unrecoverable Error

Hi Guys,

Im facing a location case sharing issue, the problem is that one user can view his own cases but the users in one location cant view other users cases, i have tried to put them in a group and active case sharing among them, but that didnt work either, and on the tablet i get the error type “Unrecoverable Error”, i followed all the steps in https://help.commcarehq.org/display/commcarepublic/Setting+up+Organization+Levels+and+Structure
is there anything i can do to solve this issue.

Hello Mohammed

I would try a few things:

A: Sometimes, not all the information you your device/account gets updated when you sync. i found that rarely, i need to clear user data and then sync after that in order for changes related to location/groups/user settings to take affect. try that first and see if it helps. if there’s any data on your device, sync first before you try this.

B: Levels/Structure can sometimes be confusing. it’s kind of important to make sure that the users that you want to share access to the same cases, as well as being able to create cases, are in the same leaf node (there are no more levels under that node). Otherwise, you’d need to set up your forms slightly differently.

C: I personally found that using groups AND locations at the same time can confuse commcare. What it seems to be doing is create case sharing groups for each leaf in your organization structure. so, perhaps when you add your own it confuses it.

Thanks Mazin for your amazing respond this really helped. i deleted all the test groups that i made, and i tried more on working and focusing only on locations structures, which i did a wrong assigning to the locations among the users.
again thanks for helping on this.

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Always glad to help. I had similar issues while i was getting to know these settings too :slight_smile: