Issue with Form A1 in WHO template application

There is a small issue with Form A1: Case initial reporting form for the WHO First Few X (FFX) Cases template application. I reported it to Dimagi and it was suggested that I describe the issue here for users. It should be easy to fix by editing the form in CommCare HQ.

You can see the issue in this screenshot:

If you select Yes for “Visit to primary healthcare (PHC; GP, etc.)” or Visited emergency department (A&E)", you are required to select one of the options “Unknown” or “N/A” even if you enter a date for the visit. That doesn’t make sense because if you know the date of the visit, saying that it’s unknown or N/A is contradictory.

One way to fix this issue is to edit Form A1 in CommCare HQ and turn off the required attribute of the question lists named ‘date_of_first_phc_contact_unknown’ and ‘date_of_emergency_department_visit_unknown’.

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for making the team aware of this issue. A fix should be included in the next release.

For anyone who’s adopted the form, the best fix for now is definitely to just remove the ‘required’ question attributes as Charlie recommends here.


Hi Charlie,

Thanks for pointing out this issue!

The fix is available in the latest version, available here.